"Alec is the best in the business. We were lucky to have him within eye range. We've worked with him on a slate of music videos and events. On the last shoot he worked day and night on the pre-production. He negotiated incredibly low prices for the camera, lights, all the technical equipment, catering, locations, transport, free costumes for the actors, he hired a great crew for the shoot as well as handling the insurance and bringing the project in on budget.

I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a Producer for their project."

Nathan Theys - Director - Film Creatives

"We hired Alec on our production Piccadilly Cowboy at 3 Mills Studios in London. We knew nothing about him and took a chance on his abilities. It was the best decision we ever made. Our budget and schedule was very tight. Alec never complained and just made things work. His resources and knowledge of film production were limitless. Alec has the unique ability to see the big picture and make sure the books are in order. He saved our production thousands and thousands of pounds. Next production we get off the ground Alec will be one of the first people I call."

Tyler Ford, Director and Producer - Ford Films

"Alec was challenged to deliver a week long live event for easyJet (involving international dignitaries and Ambassadors), with very little time and extremely demanding requirements. He was a real rock and managed to deliver an event with high production values and seamless transition from one day to the next. His professional attitude was invaluable and I very much look forward to finding another opportunity to work with Alec."

Arnon Woolfson, Producer - Howling Wolf Group

"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Alec on a number of my projects over the years and he remains top of my list when I am setting up new projects. He is creative, organised, loyal and I trust him completely. He is one of the foundation stones of my current career. I wouldn't be where I am now without him."

Pat Kelman, Director of Acquisition, Sales and Operations - 606 Distribution

"Alec Christie put a tremendous amount of time and effort into our recent project and we were very satisfied with his delivery. He came on board at an early stage of the process and was one of the key reasons we managed to get such strong material in the can. He is professional, hard working and dedicated - what more can you ask for!"

Freddie Connor, Producer - FineLight Films

"Christie is chest-heavingly funny. The little man with the Napoleon complex is an addictive character who won't be turned off. A unique comedy with broad appeal, Christie is one man's show that makes a lot of people laugh."

Jana Augsberger, Producer - Eden Rock Media

"After reviewing 70 CVs, and interviewing over 10 people, Alec stood out as not only having a clear idea of the character we were looking for but a wealth of additional nuances to the character that he was happy to bring to the role. We were under an extremely tight deadline and needed to workshop and attempt improv with the cameras rolling. Alec never delivered a bad take! I would strongly recommend him for any role but especially where there is a requirement to create imaginatively whilst under time constraints. I have him in mind for our next project."

Ben Mourra, Director - Screencult Ltd